Jesus said, “Come to me, allof you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”     Matthew 11:28,29 (NLT)


Do Justice, Love Mercy & Walk Humbly – Soul Care Morning Retreat – Jan 18 from 9:00 to 12:30 –  This half-day virtual retreat is an opportunity to meet with Jesus by spending a few hours in prayer, scripture study and reflection. On this Martin Luther King holiday, we’ll explore the themes from Micah 6:8. How is God calling you to do justice? What does it mean to love mercy? And would it look like for you to walk humbly with God? The leader for the retreat is Joe Moore, from Winston-Salem, NC. Joe has over 40 years of experience in developing Christian leaders through his work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is trained as a spiritual director and holds two certificates in spiritual formation – from Columbia Theological Seminary and from the Renovare Institute. See the registration link for more details.

ROUNDTABLES – free webinars

ROUNDTABLE – Loving Across Our Political Differences – Nov 23 from Noon to 1:00 PM –  Our country is experiencing a time of extreme political polarization. And almost all of us are feeling the negative consequences. But as Christians, we know that we are called to love everyone – from our friends and neighbors to our enemies and those who voted for the other political party. What does it mean to love those who vote differently than us? How can we as Christians be peacemakers who help heal the divisions? The panelists for our discussion will be two pastors, Corey Widmer from Third Church and Don Coleman from East End Fellowship, and a Christian counselor, Andrea Mitchell, from the Barnabas Center. 

ROUNDTABLE – Relationships for Growth – Dec 7 from Noon to 1:00 PM –   Life is difficult, and during difficult times we could all benefit from the companionship of someone who can help us understand the truth about ourselves and about God. During this webinar, we will explore three different relationships that could help you grow: counseling, coaching and spiritual direction. The panelists for the roundtable discussion will be Kim Greene – a counselor with Barnabas Center, Steve Perkins – a coach at Greenhouse Culture, and Susan Cromer – a spiritual director with Compass. We’ll explore how these disciplines are similar and different and how you could benefit from meeting with someone to help you on your journey.



Soul Care Retreats are an opportunity to strengthen your soul by spending a day with God. Each retreat will begin with worship and teaching about a different aspect of a leader’s life with God. The majority of the day will be in solitude and silence so that participants can spend time alone with God. The cost for a one-day retreat or workshop is typically $35 with lunch included. Contact us for group rates.


Opening Worship, Teaching, and Orientation

Personal Retreat 

  • Read and reflect on the retreat materials
  • Practicing the spiritual discipline of the day
  • Prayer walk around the retreat center
  • Reflecting and writing in your journal
  • Optional session with a spiritual director
  • Silence and solitude
  • Lunch on your own

Closing Worship, Reflections, and Communion 

TEAMS & GROUPS – If you would like to bring a group or team, then contact us about a team discount.  You could start your day with a spiritual retreat and end it with a team meeting and dinner. 


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