Our mission is to guide Christian leaders on a deeper journey with Christ by helping them learn to live, love and lead like Jesus. We believe that being a leader in your work, in your church, or in your family is a high calling. But we also know that being a leader is difficult. It comes with a whole set of demands and pressures that can often feel overwhelming. Leaders can easily spend so much time caring for others that they lose track of caring for their own souls.

We want to encourage leaders like you to stay rooted in Christ so that your work and your ministry will flow from your ever-deepening relationship with Christ. We want to help leaders pursue spiritual formation – the process of becoming like Christ for the sake of others. We offer soul care retreats, spiritual direction, and spiritual formation events to help people learn to live, love and lead like Jesus.

As a non-profit parachurch ministry of spiritual formation for Christian leaders, we seek to work alongside churches and ministries in strengthening their leaders. We are sustained by tax-deductible gifts from ministry participants and others who believe in our mission.

What We Offer

Soul Care Retreats – Each month, we will offer day-long retreats to strengthen the soul of leaders. Each retreat will focus on a different aspect of a leader’s life with God. This allows for personal time for solitude, prayer, and reflection.

Care for Pastors – One-on-one soul care conversations that allows pastors to talk through the difficulties in their lives or in their churches. We also offer sabbatical planning and support.

Formation Groups – 12-week spiritual formation groups that focus on the process of being transformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.

Spiritual Direction – One-on-one times where a spiritual director walks alongside another person to help them discern how God is speaking and working so they can faithfully respond and cooperate with what God is doing. Our Spiritual Directors have received formal training and are part of ongoing supervision.

Formation & Leadership Events– We will host speakers and/or authors to address topics that will equip people for Christian leadership and service. But we are also glad to come to your organization to lead spiritual formation retreats or seminars for your leaders or members.

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