An ancient Christian practice of spiritual companionship

Spiritual Direction is a sacred practice
of being with someone, 
in the presence of God,
to hear what God might want to reveal to us as we are with Him.

What is Spiritual Direction?

In Spiritual Direction we seek to distinguish the voice of God among our own voice or the voices of others, so that we can hear Him and respond to his invitations for us.

The desire for spiritual direction is a longing to know God more fully and to create space in our lives where God can act, for ourselves, and for the sake of others.


Who are Spiritual Directors?

Spiritual Directors are people trained to listen well to you and to God.  We enter with you into a prayerful presence and pay attention to God’s personal communication with you.

Of course, the Holy Spirit is the true director of our souls, and we are recipients of what He wants us to hear.


Why Choose Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a ‘holy listening’ where we can begin to recognize and respond to God’s ongoing pursuit of our life in God and His presence with us.

Spiritual Direction provides an enhancing intimacy with God and cultivates recognition of the already present action of God in our lives through the Holy Spirit.  Spiritual direction also offers you a trusted companion as you journey to know God and yourself more fully.

Spiritual Direction helps in the discernment of God’s will and provides clarity and guidance for life.  Spiritual direction facilitates recognizing our identity and discovery as a loved and accepted child of God.

Spiritual Direction can help us through important transitions in life such as:

When you desire a deeper relationship with God…
When you have lost your way…
When you feel that God is distant…
When you sense a new invitation/calling from God…


Who should consider Spiritual Direction?

Anyone who desires to live more fully into the life that Jesus is inviting for us. Just as food is for the body, spiritual direction is for living into our ongoing Christian transformation.


“And what does a physician do when someone comes with a bleeding wound?
Three things:
They cleanse the wound
Align the sundered parts
And gives it rest.
That’s all.
The physician does not heal.
The physician provides an environment for the healing process to take its course.”

Spiritual Friend by Tilden Edwards


We will begin to offer Spiritual Direction in September 2018.

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